...is a site for the collection and publication of personal, first-hand recollections of events big and small. These might be as significant as someone's participation in a world-famous political event or as small as the memory of how a little town changed when it got its first stoplight.

The important thing is that the recollection be one's own, described in one's own words. The objective is to entertain and to preserve and make available bits of information for present and future generations that may never show up in "official" documents or make it to formal histories.

We start with a few memories of New York City in mid-20th century...

Edward F. Bommer: 1945: The Final Run of Steam on Staten Island.

Karl Bernstein: 1948: From Brooklyn to the Bronx Zoo via the Coney Island Express and Third Avenue el

Karl Bernstein: c.1950: BMT Culver Line Memories

Karl Burkhardt: 1944: The BMT Marcy Ave Station

Karl Burkhardt: 1950: The Last Lex

Karl Burkhardt: 1946-1950: Gate Cars on the Brooklyn Elevated.

Karl Burkhardt: c.1950: The Best Dentist in Brooklyn: A close-up look at a working el.

Gregory J. Christiano: 1950s-1970s: Neighborhoods: To The Bronx With Love.

Gregory J. Christiano: 1950s: School Days, parochial school memories.

Gregory J. Christiano: 1950s: The Games--How We Played Them. A compilation of how four dozen street games were actually played in the Bronx.

Gregory J. Christiano: 1956: Riding the High Tracks: The Bronx Remnant of the famous Third Avenue El.

Gregory J. Christiano: 1930s-1970s: The Hagstrom Company Publication Code. Maps are a valuable resource in historical research. Here is the "hidden" code for dating Hagstrom maps.

Paul Matus: 1967: The Twin Towers Before the Twin Towers.

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